How do I join this group?

You can join the group by following the link provided. Please scroll all the way down to the “Final” Tier:

If it is sold out, I will notify on my twitter when it will be restocked. My twitter is @ keithadam10 :

Why would it be sold out?

There are always going to be individuals who do not know what they are doing. Hypothetically, if hundreds of people join at once, people will not be able to receive the proper attention they need if they are confused. As soon as everyone is settled in and comfortable, I will gladly restock more memberships. You aren’t just accounts, you’re people.

Furthermore, the memberships will be sold through Patreon so I don’t have to manually remove people who miss payments. Patreon charges on the 1st of every month NO MATTER when an individual starts paying. I might not do restocks after the first week of the month because I would want everyone getting their full months worth.