If any of the following rules are broken, you risk membership termination with no refund.

  1. No saying the word “Jig" , "doordash" , "lyft" , "uber" "gift card" or any racial slurs. Endurance is a server where one can profit legally and only legally. Misconduct will result in an immediate ban.

  2. No advertising other discord servers, social medias, or websites without asking permission.

  3. No erotic content in the chat. Please keep this out of #memes as well.

  4. No selling products/services.

  5. Any edgy content with comedic value must stay in #memes. If you are easily offended, please avoid.

  6. No conversations in #member-important or #member-updates .

  7. No leaking in or out of the group! This will result an immediate ban.