How to use the group to its full potential:

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First, please be sure you have read the entire Endurance map provided via email upon successfully purchasing a membership. Then you can use the following to enable notifications for important/desired channels:


Monitors / Channels

1: You’re not always going to be near your computer, hence the first step is to download the Discord app for free on your cellular device. It is suggested that you download the app on your computer as well; it is slightly faster than the website.

Download here:

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Enabling Notifications


Channel Notifications:

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Get Notified For What YOU Want

There are numerous channels in the discord group; you have the ability to choose which ones you want to be notified for. I would recommend having notifications on for the following channels at the very least:

#Important : This is a text channel where I can notify you guys for important information.

#Server-announcements : If I implement new rules, upgrades, changes, etc; you will be notified through here.

#Member-important : Here, members have the ability to send information they believe is important. NO CONVERSATIONS will be permitted in here. This is strictly for members to add information. #General in text or voice is for asking questions and having discussions.

#snkrs-hunt : This is where scratch drops will show up. You will be notified as soon as it loads up. It will show the picture that is scratch-able. This will save you a lot of confusion during a scratch drop.

#snkrs-drops : You will be notified when a sneaker loads, when a behind the design page loads, when official images load, when snkrs passes load etc. Disclaimer: You will also be notified for general release sneakers. It is not excessive, and the trade off is fair considering nike often does some form of surprise release.

These are the essentials, however, you can turn on even MORE notifications if you wish. For example, if you really like Supreme and Funkos, turn on notifications for #supreme and #funko to never miss a release or restock!

How to turn on Notifications for SPECIFIC CHANNELS:

Open the discord server on your mobile device. Select the channel you want notifications on for. Tap the name of the channel at the top of your screen. Tap “notification settings”. Select “all messages” to enable notifications for all messages on that channel.

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Good Luck!

Whenever we’re not busy being washed in the server, we should all stay alert for notifications throughout the day. Shock drops, scratch drops, restocks, etc can occur at any time.